Cases. There are many cases featurecd throughout the text featuring current and timely issues. All cases contain: facts, issues, language of the court, decisions, questions.

Boxes. To keep the topics current there have been several boxes are included throughout the text: contemporary environment boxes, wthics spotlight boxes, Internet law and online commerce boxes, International law, landmark law boxes.

Law Case with Answer. The end of every chapter  contains an additional case. The facts of the case are presented to the student with a question. The answer to the question is offered, along with guidance on how it was determined, helping students understand the application of the law and prepare them for working the subsequent Case Problems on their own.

End-of-Chapter Cases. Case Problems reinforce the lessons of the chapter with current topics and Business Ethics cases which help the student to put the lessons of the chapter into an ethical perspective.

Web Exercises. For each chapter, Cheeseman provides at least one new web exercise to help students use the web for legal research. Further, notes for using and assigning these exercises are available at the Instructor Resource Center for this text.


Table of Contents

Part I: Legal and Ethical Environment

Chapter 1: Legal Heritage and the Digital Age

Chapter 2: Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business

Chapter 3: Courts, Jurisdiction, and Administrative Agencies

Chapter 4: Judicial, Alternative, and E-Dispute Resolution

Part II: Constitution and Public Law

Chapter 5: Constitutional Law for Business and E-Commerce

Chapter 6: Torts and Strict Liability

Chapter 7: Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes

Chapter 8: Intellectual Property and Cyber Piracy

Part III: Contracts, Commercial Law, and E-Commerce

Chapter 9: Formation of Traditional and E-Contracts

Chapter 10: Performance and Breach of Traditional and E-Contracts

Chapter 11: E-Commerce and Digital Law

Chapter 12: UCC Sales and Lease Contracts and Warranties

Chapter 13: Credit, Secured Transactions, and Bankruptcy

Part IV: Business Organizations and Investor Protection

Chapter 14: Small Business and General and Limited Partnerships

Chapter 15: Limited Liability Companies, Limited Liability Partnerships, and Special Forms of Business

Chapter 16: Corporations and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act

Chapter 17: Investor Protection, E-Securities, and Wall Street Reform

Part V: Agency and Employment Environment

Chapter 18: Agency Law

Chapter 19: Equal Opportunity in Employment

Chapter 20: Employment Law and Worker Protection

Chapter 21: Labor Law and Immigration Law

Part VI: Government Regulation

Chapter 22: Antitrust Law and Unfair Trade Practices

Chapter 23: Consumer Protection

Chapter 24: Environmental Protection

Chapter 25: Land Use Regulation and Real Property

Part VII: Global Environment

Chapter 26: International and World Trade Law